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The Methods That Can Be Used When Serving Divorce Papers


When you happen to be thinking about filing a divorce, it is your responsibility to let your spouse or your other half to know about your plan and you can do this by means of using different means, which we will mention along the way. There are states and countries out there that are requiring those who plan to initiate a divorce process to give the other party a formal notice that you have started the legal process yourself and the most legal way to do it is by serving them with a copy of the same paperwork that you filed in the court. Basically, this process is what many experts called as service of process however, many of us actually pertained to it as serving divorce papers.


When it comes to filing a divorce, you have to fully understand the fact that the judge, in your case, will not be able to make any judgments or create any permanent order until you have served the other party with the divorce paper and until they have agreed and signed with it. With regards to this matter at hand, divorce attorneys are the one that you can count on since they are knowledge and experience handling this kind of cases and they know how to explain to you, in a clear and concise manner, the ways on how to effectively and efficiently serve divorce papers. Click here now to know more about spousal support.


One of the ways that you can serve divorce papers is by mean of personal service and personal service is a kind of service in which the person wanting to deliver the divorce paper will ask any of the people we wrote down to do the job for them (just as long as the person they chose is suitable for the said job). The types of people that we are pertaining to here are the following: your friend/s, anyone whose age is above eighteen years old and is not part of the divorce case, your relative/s, a professional process server, your co-worker or even your county sheriff and marshall. Using any of the person's above must comply to the California law like they should serve the paperwork during the right time allocated for it, they must fill out a proof of service form and must return the proof of service form to you so you can give it to your lawyer or you can file it with the court. The proof of service is very important because it will tell the court who was served or who was the recipient of the paperwork, where it happened and how it happened.


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